Pianello reschedules the Valtidone Wine Fest stage

August 18, 2022

Pianello is preparing to host the fourth stage of the Valtidone Wine Fest 2021.

The event, scheduled for last Sunday, 26 September, has been postponed, due to bad weather, to Sunday, 3 October and will close the 12th edition of the review that aims to enhance and promote the wines and typical products of our territory.

Ortrugo, Malvasia and Passiti were the protagonists of the first three events that took place in Borgonovo, Ziano and Nibbiano.

Pianello will celebrate sparkling wines, a natural vocation of our territory, with particular attention paid to Gutturnio, the king of Piacenza's red wines.

The Consorzio Tutela Vini DOC Colli Piacentini will be present at the event as the spokesperson for wine production in the entire Colli Piacentini area, involving producers and wineries not only from Val Tidone, but also from the other three valleys - Val Trebbia, Val Nure and Val d'Arda.

An all-round tasting that aims to involve visitors in an experiential journey that will lead them to grasp the particular characteristics of each of the production areas in the Colli Piacentini area.

"All our wines tell a story, made up of commitment, dedication and ancient traditions. The role of the Consortium is to give voice to this story, enhancing the territory and its resources".

these are the words of the President of the Wine Consorzio Marco Profumo

"we are proud to take part in events and shows that promote and support our territory. Never as in these years has it been so important to rediscover our identity and grasp its great value in terms of continuous growth, which can make all the difference in order to start again, with a new awareness of our potential".

Therefore, the fourth stage of the Valtidone Wine Fest is an appointment not to be missed, a new important opportunity to celebrate the typical food and wine products of our territory.