Consortium of DOC Wines: "One is born Piacentine, one becomes proud".

August 18, 2022
The 2021 harvest overcomes the challenges of climate change thanks to the investments, commitment and passion of the winegrowers.

"The numbers speak for themselves. This year's harvest has a smaller quantity of product, but the quality is excellent, beyond all expectations. Very healthy grapes, arrived at the right maturity, characterize a harvest that proved difficult for the important challenges related to climate change that our producers had to face" is how the President of the Consorzio Tutela Vini DOC Colli Piacentini Marco Profumo illustrates the first data of a harvest that wins on quality.

The important synergies activated in the area and the adherence to an approach that makes sustainability its strong point have made the difference.

In the face of the major changes taking place, the efforts of producers and winegrowers have led to great results. A heartfelt, shared commitment, involving a greater investment of means and resources that deserves recognition.

The Consortium is the spokesperson for a message that gives due value to the important economic investment, conservation and optimisation of wine production in the area. Producers, institutions and associations have set themselves the common goal of countering the challenges of climate change, which have put a strain on the successful harvests of recent years.

The Consortium has taken significant action to enhance and promote the area, aware of the value of the resources that characterise it and make it unique.

In return, there was an important sign of response from the territory, an awareness of its potential in terms of product quality and authenticity of an experience worth sharing.

Tradition, genuineness and innovation are the levers that make the DOC wine production of the Colli Piacentini stand out more and more on the national and international scene.

Supporting the territory means recognising the inestimable value of its natural and human resources, of which the Consortium can only be proud.