Pianello closes the 12th edition of the Valtidone Wine Fest in style

August 18, 2022

Sharing objectives, the importance of synergies between associations and institutions and support for production as a driving force for continuous growth in terms of quality: the fourth and final stage of the Valtidone Wine Fest 2021 was an important opportunity to emphasise how common commitment, involving the various levels of territorial representation, is decisive and differentiating in terms of value for the entire territory.

Gianpaolo Fornasari, Mayor of Pianello and President of Cantina Valtidone, sponsor of the event alongside Cantina di Vicobarone and Banca di Piacenza, opened the event, which for years has aimed to promote the wines and typical products of our territory, by thanking all the representatives of the institutions present in Pianello, a sign of the deep bond with the territory and the importance of investing in its development, in terms of objectives for the future.

Senator Pietro Pisani, Member of the European Parliament Elena Murelli and Regional Councillor Valentina Stragliati, united in their desire and constant commitment to promote actions and initiatives in support of the territory, an expression of its natural and human resources.

No less important was the contribution made by Cavalier Bruno Giglio, a guest at the event representing Piacenza's entrepreneurial fabric, an example of great dedication and farsightedness in the choices made to enhance it.

"Today's participatory membership aims to make us aware of how, united, we can achieve great things, aware of the enormous potential that distinguishes us".

explains Mayor Fornasari

"I would like to emphasise the important project that the Consorzio Tutela Vini DOC Colli Piacentini has undertaken this year to give voice to the undisputed quality of wine production in our area.. An investment that is intended to serve as an example for a new aggregate vision of what our territory can offer in terms of value".

"As President of the Consortium," said Marco Profumo , "I feel it is my duty to thank those who support our territory every day through their work. We owe our deepest appreciation to the producers and winemakers for their commitment, despite the difficulties and uncertainties of this period.

Simone Castellini, Councillor and Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Pianello, did not fail to thank the organisation of the entire event, the wineries and producers who took part and believed in the importance of being present, despite the uncertain weather.

A strong sense of belonging to the territory characterised the entire day: an appointment that welcomed visitors, accompanying them to discover the typical products of Piacenza's tradition, which today more than ever plays a highly respected role in the national and international food and wine scene.