DOC Gutturnio

Gutturnio is a Colli Piacentini DOC wine made from Barbera and Croatina vines.

The origin of the codification and production of Gutturnio is traced back to Roman times, in the person of Lucius Calpurnio Piso, father-in-law of Julius Caesar, whose mother was originally from Piacenza.
Gutturnio is produced and diffused throughout the territory of Piacenza: bright ruby red in colour and with a dry or sweetish flavour, it is a fresh, young, lively wine.
Gutturnio DOC Colli Piacentini is produced by local vine-growers in the following versions: Gutturnio Classico, Gutturnio Classico Riserva, Gutturnio Classico Superiore, Gutturnio frizzante, Gutturnio Riserva, Gutturnio Superiore.
Gutturnio was the first wine from Piacenza to receive the Denominazione di Origine Controllata.

Gutturnio is produced in three types:

  • Sparkling
  • Superior
  • Reserve

The Superiore and Riserva types can age for years, improving their organoleptic characteristics. The Riserva type must age for at least six months in wooden barrels and must be marketed two years after the harvest. The wording Classico, present on some bottles in the "still" version, identifies a wine produced in the historic districts of the Denominazione di Origine Controllata.