RDP and NDP of the CAP (P.S.P.) 2023 2027 - SRG Intervention 10

April 11, 2024
April 11, 2024

‍Managing authority: Direzione Generale Agricoltura, Caccia e Pesca Regione Emilia- Romagna

Rural Development Program and National Strategic Plan of the CAP (P.S.P.) 2023 2027EU Reg. No. 2115/2021 - SRG Intervention 10 "Promotion of Quality Products".

The general objective of the project presented by the CONSORZIO TUTELA VINI DOC COLLI PIACENTINI is the improvement of the knowledge and positioning of the productions represented by the Consortium and belonging to the identified Schemes, in order to support and stimulate the development of the reference markets. The implementation of the promotion and information actions at the basis of this proposal will increase the degree of knowledge and consumption of quality products by consumers in the internal market of the Union. Informing consumers and those working in the sector about the distinctive and characterizing elements of the productions represented is an indispensable element for creating the conditions for a better valorization of the productions and for increasing the competitiveness of the member companies. With this in mind, the promotional and information actions planned will make it possible to foster supply chain integration to improve the competitiveness of farms and improve their position in the value chain.

The information and promotion activities under the project can be summarized as follows:

a) Realization of informational and promotional material: informational material will be designed and realized both textually and graphically along with audiovisual material. In addition, online communication and promotion activities will be carried out on the website and social channels;

b) Realization of information seminars: organization of no.4 seminars with specific focus on the represented productions of the consortium and belonging to the schemes represented here. The initiatives will be carried out in Italy, France, Poland andLithuania.

(c) Project execution coordination.

Total project amount: € 121,932.90
Financial support granted: € 85,353.03


EAFRD - European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development