M.D. March 1, 2016, No. 15487 - Lett. A

April 11, 2024
April 11, 2024

M.D. March 1, 2016, no. 15487

Information on the support received from MASAF:

D.M. 15487 of 01/03/2016 - Determination of criteria for granting contributions for the knowledge, preservation and product development of PDOs and PGIs

Financial support granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry: €10,446.19


The project that the Consortium for the Protection of Colli Piacentini Doc Wines submitted according to the provisions indicated in the call referred to in Ministerial Decree 15487/2016 was approved on 20/12/2022 by MASAF. The structure of the project has reflected the objective promoted by the call, namely, to define initiatives aimed at developing information actions to improve knowledge, promote dissemination, ensure the safeguard and support the development of agricultural and food products marked with EU recognition, in accordance with Regulation(EU) No. 1151/2012, Regulation (EU) No. 1308/2013 and Regulation (EC) No.607/2009" - Aid Identifier nr. SA.44856 (2016/XA) - Communication of the expiry of the state aid scheme, promotion and information from producer groups on domestic markets" (Focus Area 3A).

In fact, Ministerial Decree 15487/2016 has as one of its general objectives:

- Develop actions in information and dissemination to improve communication on the origin, properties, characteristics and quality of products marked with the U.E. recognition;

- Support actions for the development of PDO and PGI products;

- Develop market monitoring actions to verify the correct use of Doc and PGI product names;

- Encourage actions that ensure adequate legal protection of Doc and PGI products.

The specific objectives of the action are:

  • Increased perception of quality of the same (PDO products)
  • Attract new consumers by expanding the perception and knowledge of the Colli Piacentini wine territory

The planned activities are aimed at training and information, safeguarding PDO brand enhancement as stipulated in DM 15487/16.


Starting from the study of the communication situation currently carried out by theConsortium for the Protection of Colli Piacentini Doc Wines, in particular of the pathway developed in the last two years and of the tools used, the proposed activities will field a plurality of actions through targeted channels to achieve the short, medium and long term objectives indicated,making explicit the timeframe and methods of implementation.

In general, all the actions that will be carried out will aim to promote in a coherent way the image, values and activities of theConsorzio Tutela Vini Doc Colli Piacentini aimed at enhancing, informing and promoting the DOC products of Piacenza, making known to a wide and varied public the quality of the denomination and the promotional paths activatedto increase its appeal, as well as the distinctive link with the territory that isat the basis of the identity and uniqueness of the wines themselves.

The development of communication and territorial marketing activitiesadopted will be accompanied by a monitoring activity of the same in order to reach in real time tools and actions where necessary.

Total eligible investment (letter A): 14,923.13€.
Financial support: 10,446.19€