Do you know what Digital Detox is?

August 2, 2021
August 18, 2022

Digital Detox: detoxification from digital

What is it about? Why do it? What are the benefits you can get?

Digital Detox means taking time to unplug from technology.

In everyday life we are always in close contact with technology: smartphones, tablets, computers, applications that advise us what to do, that remind us of the appointments of the day, that suggest us what time to go to sleep.

Whether it's for work or a hobby, have you ever thought about how much time you spend reading emails, whatsapp messages, checking notifications of social profiles you have active or follow?

Our minds are literally bombarded by digital inputs, messages and information that absorb us completely and take away our time to do something else.

Detoxing from all this is possible. In fact, it is necessary. But how?

The key is to take small steps. Limit the amount of time we connect to our devices by engaging in activities that free our minds and connect us with our deepest needs.

Contact with nature regenerates us.
Outward well-being is the starting point for finding inner well-being and serenity.

Choosing to get involved in an outdoor experience, a walk, a bike ride, reading a good book or listening to music while enjoying a good glass of wine on the panoramic terrace of a wine cellar. These are just some of the experiences that, in their simplicity and genuineness, are able to instil a profound state of well-being.

On the Piacenza Hills the connection with nature is always active. Every experience becomes an experience to remember and relive to regain inner balance. A digital detox in full DOC style.